Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Nature's Co. LemonGrass Foot Spray & My Monsoon Wish List

The quest for my Monsoon-apt products continues and I have got another splendid one that is The Nature's Co. Lemongrass Foot Spray. 

Which part of our body gets most affected by weather? It is our feet. We women may always be conscious about our appearance, but it is seen that most of us neglect our feet. During the monsoons, our feet always get affected by continuous exposure to water. This may make the feet dry, swelling and smelly. A foot spray with the goodness of Lemongrass is just what we may require this time.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


By Airene Guha

Hey friends! Today I'll show you an easy and simple process to become like a mermaid princess. I wanted to do this from many days but was not getting time. Finally, I got my chance to try out the mermaid makeup. I tried to get closer to a mermaid.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Kronokare Caribbean Ginger Detoxifying Range:Your Kompanion this Monsoon

How relaxing does a warm cup of tea with a pinch of ginger sound during the monsoon? Relaxing, soothing, detoxifying. When I received the Kronokare Caribbean Ginger Detoxifying Range, these were the exact thoughts in my mind.

Your Festive Season prep-up beauty dilemma now solved with The Nature's Co.

The Nature's Co. announces this August's "Festive Prep-Up", their 11th BeautyWish Box.

The month of August gets in the upcoming festive season knocking at our doors. The time we all are on our scout of getting in place with everything that is going to help us to put our best foot forward during this jovial time. When the entire country is going to be tinged in colors of celebrations, enthusiasm and devotion, looking and feeling your best becomes an important affair for each one of us every year.
As this time is closely descending upon us, we have all started to put a few strategies in place, planning and preparing to cope with the hullabaloo the merriment brings along, constantly trying to figure out the perfect ensemble to take care of our beauty dilemmas before the merrymaking starts.

Monday, July 21, 2014

A Touch of Love with Baba Elaichi

This post is in response to the Blogger's Contest organised by Baba Elaichi

I love to write about beauty & fashion mainly, but I have another love and that is cooking. I am fortunate enough to get a mother-in-law who also shares this same passion. So, when I received a sample of Baba Elaichi for review, the one common thing that came into our mind was to try out this luxurious silver-coated cardamom seeds in some experimental culinary extravaganza. 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

My Experience at the Four Fountains De-Stress Spa, Mumbai

It is very difficult to get a complete me-time nowadays, and what can be better than a spa session to get a perfect me-time? So, when I was invited to try a Spa Session at the Four Fountains De-Stress Spa in Mumbai, I was really excited.

Presently there are 4 branches of Four Fountains De-Stress Spa at Mumbai-
I went to the Powai branch  as it is the nearest from my place. As soon as I entered I was greeted warmly by the 2 ladies at the reception.There were no doctors available at that time but I was given a form to fill up. As I entered all my details, they asked me to choose from the innumerable options they had. 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Lakmé Absolute Salon brings the Runways of the World to your city!

Perfect the Parisian belle look, amp up your style with the raging fashion tips from New York or add the quintessential British touch to your ensemble at Lakmé Absolute Salon - the most fashionable address to all your style needs. For the first time, Lakmé Absolute Salon brings to you the Runways of the world - A collection of the most sizzling hair and beauty trends from the fashion capitals of the world – London, Paris and New York!

Armed with the latest trends, straight from the international runways, Lakmé Absolute Salon experts will help you make a style statement that truly captures the essence of these fashion capitals. This exclusive beauty showcase will last for a period of three months with each month depicting runway trends from London, Paris and New York respectively. To add to this glamour, Lakmé Absolute Salon brings to you complimentary services like Upstyle, nail art and makeup that are curated to give you an extraordinary runway experience.

Encode Game of Thrones Styles with Toni & Guy

Flaunt your Allegiance to the Seven Kingdoms!

“Our watch has ended.”

It has been a riveting two months and it’s going to be an agonizing wait for Game of Thrones season 5. The show that took the entire world by storm and had even us, in Mumbai reiterating catch phrases like “Winter is Coming” in spite of Mumbai not having seen a decent winter in eons!

There is so much we will miss about the show, from Tryrion Lannister’s circumstantial sarcasm, Oberyn Martell’s exotic Dornish accent (and his even more exotic mistress), our Khaleesi’s three dragons and of course, to Jon Snow knowing nothing!

The gorgeous women in their extravagant clothes and intricately done hair are a treat for the eyes. We asked Mark Hampton, Global Brand Ambassador, Toni&Guy HairMeetWardrobe to decode these hairstyles just so we girls can keep the Westerosi spirit burning bright!

Disclaimer: We haven’t picked these women on basis of them being our favorites or next thing you know, George R.R. Martin will have them brutally slaughtered.