Friday, March 6, 2015

#LookUp and Make Optimism a Way of Life

While studying a book on Human Minds and behaviour, I came across references of certain incidences where just being optimistic had actually saved lives in many instances. From that day I decided to make optimism as an integral aspect of my life.

What had inspired me most was an incident from long back - a lost ship with sailors in it, who were dying slowly of cold, hunger and sickness, and how a cat which had entered the ship when it had taken off the shores, avoiding anyone’s notice, strived back the small moments of happiness, the feeling of love and playfulness back in their lives. They started to live once again, started laughing and above all got back the feeling of being alive. This optimistic feel made them take necessary actions in finding out a way to survive and finally a few of them could actually find their way back the shore somehow, not to mention along with that cat.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

How to Feel Beautiful

How many of you feel beautiful always? May be some, may be no-one or may be all of you. What is your idea of feeling beautiful? Is it looking as svelte and smoldering like the moviestars, or as fit and athletic as the great sportsmen you admire.

Feeling beautiful is an art of living. Every living being is beautiful, we do not realize that but that is the truth. We may find fault in our outer appearances and tag ourselves as ugly or unattractive. But why do we forget that this is how nature has made us. You may have a flat nose, small eyes or thinning hair. That does not make you unattractive. You have to feel confident, you have to feel good to feel beautiful. 

Hang Out at Lakeside Mini Punjab

A few days back we decided to try some new Pubs and bars in Mumbai, along with some of our friends. We wanted to go somewhere where the ambience will be ideal to hang around with friends. We visited the Lakeside Mini Punjab lounge which is situated just opposite to the Powai Lake. The location and ambience is quite cool. Situated on the ever busy JVLR Road in Powai, this food joint faces the lake. There are sitting arrangements both indoors and on the terrace top.

As the sitting arrangement of the indoors was too formal for our taste, we selected the Roof Top.The Roof top was done in a real road side Dhaba like d├ęcor. There was sitting arrangements on both normal wooden chair-table as well as on Dhaba like Cots or Charpai. It is quite unique and really comfortable when you are with friends to sit on a Charpai, talk your heart out and eat spicy food.

BornPrettyStore Jewellery Haul

The two inanimate objects that I am addicted to in the world are matte lipsticks and sparkling necklaces. My collection of necklaces have been praised by one and all who have seen. Here I am not referring to diamond-studded platinum chains or 24 Karat Gold ones with precious stones. I am happy with my collection of Fashion Jewelleries and to make my collection a little more vivacious, I have added some beauties from BornPrettyStore.

About BornPrettyStore Jewelleries & Accessories :
BornPrettyStore is your one stop destination to shop casuals, formals, partywear, jewelleries, accessories and makeup in attractive discounted rates. I have shopped from the Jewelleries section, and they have a wide variety of jewellery pieces varying from nose studs, earrings, rings, bracelets & necklace sets. The price can vary from 99 cents to $45. It is very easy to find out your choice of jewellery with a lot of filtering options on the basis of popularity, price, type of jewellery etc. It makes your shopping experience easy and smooth. The processing is also pretty fast and best is the option of free shipping throughout the world. Now who ships free nowadays?

Testimonial Direct from the Heart

An anecdote of friendship that will last forever with its sweet and bitter memories. I have penned down all here.

I promise to be with you forever.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Navarasas Under Eye Gel Review

Products made out of aromatherapy oils sound really exciting to me. I have used a lot of products whose base is made with aromatherapy oils, but this is the first time I have used something like that for the eyes. Today I will be talking about Navarasas Under Eye Gel.

About Navarasas Under Eye Gel:
Navarasas personalizes products on the basis of your needs and preference. I wanted a special blend that can soothe my eyes. I do not suffer much from dark circles, but puffiness and tired looking eyes are some of the common problems that I face. So, the brand suggested this Under Eye Gel.

Treat Your Lingerie the Right Way

Lingerie is the closest thing to your skin. But we often ignore when it comes to getting the right shape, size or fit. A good quality lingerie not only improves the body shape, but also makes your favourite dress look more complementing on you. Like taking the right precaution to choose the perfect lingerie, one needs to take care of it in a proper way too.

Like some exclusive dresses that we buy for special occasions, one should invest in some basic lingerie sets, like a nude, a black and one very special one that makes her look & feel more feminine. It is very important to take care of these innerwear, so that they remain in good condition for a long time. Here are certain tips to take care of your lingerie:

Wash them before use: It may sound weird, but it is always advisable to wash the lingerie before using them. This is because there are a lot of trials going on stores, and you really do not want to use something that has been tried by others without sanitizing it.

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